A few answers to a few questions. This page will be updated periodically.

Is this site for real?
We are a real couple. These are real stories. The Donkey has been known to exaggerate at times, but (unfortunately for The Wife) his stories are all based on true events.

How did it all start?
Each of us has an individual blog (From the Donkey’s Lips and I’m Not Just a Mom) and we found that we were writing quite a bit about our marriage. It was getting tricky to cover the topic on separate blogs, besides the fact that The Wife kept infiltrating The Donkey’s blog to try to “edit” his posts. Together at WifeAdvice.com we can present both sides of our story.

Are you guys famous?
Not at all. But we have gotten a little bit of local press coverage.

Why is it called Wife Advice? It seems like some husband advice is in order…
Here is the preface The Donkey wrote on his first Lesson:

I think it is important for me to share the wisdom and insight I have about marriage. I will regularly provide advice and knowledge on the topic of marriage for all those who could use a little help. The information I provide is free. Although it should not be taken as authoritative doctrine, it is based on years of real-life research. Use my advice wisely and avoid the mistakes I have made. I’ve been told that “Husband Advice” would be a more appropriate title. But “Wife Advice ” sounds funnier and is short for: “How Not to Treat Your Wife Advice”

Are you guys actually happy?

Still curious? Contact us and ask away. We’ll update this page regularly.