Just so You Know…

The Donkey is a bit clueless. The Wife is pretty patient. Our marriage is now an open book; you have to read it to believe it.

The Donkey

By day he’s an HR-guy, by night he’s an ill-advising mentor to other men.  He’s always a husband and father, and he’s always a donkey, well-known for antics such as telling his wife that her looks score a 6 out of 10–three days after they got married. Here, he dispenses his own brand of Wife Advice–which may be more appropriately named, How-to-Annoy-Your-Wife-Advice, or How-Not-to-Treat-Your-Wife-Advice. The Donkey has years of experience from which to pull his gems of “wisdom,” and is constantly adding to his bag of tricks. The Donkey can antagonize, but rest assured that his advice and information is for entertainment purposes only. He earned his nickname as a young boy, for reasons which will be obvious after you’ve read a post or two.

The Wife

Mother of 3 boys (Boy Wonder, Monkey, and Dimples) plus another boy on the way, Wife of a Donkey–which job do you think is harder? She brings to the blog a balanced perspective on married life. Her life experience mainly qualifies her to speak about how to handle a husband who lacks marital skills. The Wife may tend to lecture in an attempt to pass on some actual advice that could actually be followed; don’t worry though–she has a sense of humor. She is married to a donkey, after all.

The Shocker
We have been happily married for over 10 years, despite suspicions to the contrary.

The Point?
Experience the joy and humor that is inherent in marriage, by hearing all about ours.

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