Home: Keeping The “Love” Within The Walls

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A window to marriage

You know what the worst part of a great vacation is? It’s the day before it’s over. Even though the fun isn’t over yet, you realize that the end is coming. It’s really sad because you should be able to enjoy that second-to-last day, but you just can’t because you know the inevitable is about to happen. That’s what I think about spring. I should be able to enjoy spring but I can’t because I know the draining heat of the summer will soon be upon me, and I hate the summer. One of the other reasons I don’t like spring is because I always find myself in a conundrum: Do I open the windows and enjoy the cool breeze or do I keep them closed and suffer the onset of summer?

That seems like an easy choice? Oh, you’re right. I forgot one thing. Here, now decide: Do I open the windows and enjoy the cool breeze while introducing my wife’s excellent vocal chords to the neighborhood or do I keep them closed and suffer the onset of summer while keeping my wife’s vocal abilities within the confines of the house?

I struggle with this every spring and never know what to do. I haven’t ever really addressed this directly with my wife. Instead, if she starts yelling I politely ask her to hold on, then I run around the house closing all of the windows. It only takes about 90 seconds since I have the routine memorized. Once I am finished securing the home, I invite her to proceed. It’s interesting because she will either walk away which means I could have possibly left the windows open, or she will share the power of her vocal chords with yours truly which means I made the right decision. Conundrums…marriage is full of them.

UPDATE: I have received several questions about the meaning to this post. Um…this is definitely about getting yelled at in an argument…nothing else.

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