Playing With Kids: Harder Than It Seems?

From The Donkey

The family that plays together…

Some people see a picture of a family like this and have warm fuzzies. I may have had these thoughts before having kids, but here’s what this image represents to me at this point in my life:

  • Packing lunches, extra clothes and all sorts of toys
  • A long drive
  • Muddy clothes
  • Replacement clothing costs
  • Near drownings
  • Sibling sabotage in the ocean
  • Muddy car ride home
  • Buying some kind of treat on the way home
  • Muddy house
  • Over-tired, cranky kids

I thought about this the other day when I looked out my back window and saw a woman playing with kids in my neighbor’s backyard. They played for hours on the trampoline, on the playhouse and in the yard. The next day I looked out my window and saw her playing with the kids again. I was surprised to see that she spent another 2 hours outside playing.  On the third day I looked out and nearly fell over when I saw everyone playing outside for a third day in a row. I had my wife inspect the situation and asked her if this woman was the kids’ mother. She replied that it was not their mother.

“Oh, this makes much more sense,” I said. “It must be a babysitter while the parents are on vacation. No one plays with their kids that much.” My wife and I had a rare moment of agreement and had the kids watch a little more television while we went back to work.

Darn, I need to do better.

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